Today’s savvy internet users want to assess your web page quickly for areas of interest. By making this easy for them, you will keep them reading longer on your web page.
How to write for the Web – To write well for the Web, you need to understand what today’s Internet users want and expect.
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In journalism, the method of starting with your conclusion is called the Inverted Pyramid. It means you should put your most important information first when writing for the web.
Scientific studies prove that you will increase the traffic to your web site when you enhance its usability.  Web-wise wording is a major component of the science of usability.

  • If your content is for an interactive webpage, then follow conventions. Users are reassured by familiar menu structures. Make it obvious.–Jana Brech

  • Lots of choices will grab our attention, but too many choices overwhelm us.”–Susan M. Weinschenk, Ph.D (author of Neuro Web Design)

  • Happy talk must die” (self-congratulatory promotional writing)–Steve Krug, [author of Don’t Make Me Think]