Do visitors like your website?

  • How do you know whether visitors like your website?
  • How do you measure the impact of first impressions?

Conduct a user test

simple test planOne method to assess the first impressions your website makes is to conduct a user test.  You will need to find some users who are representative of your audience groups and observe their reactions when they first see your website.    This can be done informally and inexpensively by showing some users a printed image of your webpage, and asking for their feedback.  See Very Simple Test Plan.

Get an expert review

Another method is to get a usability analyst to comment on his or her first impressions of your website, to assess the likely impact of your landing pages on your target audience groups, and to compare it with that of your main competitors.

bounce rate

A low bounce-rate is good

Monitor your bounce-rate

You can also take the measure of first impressions by looking at a website traffic statistic called the “bounce rate”.  This can be found in your Google Analytics stats. Your bounce-rate is a measure of how many visitors are taking one look at the web-page they land on,  then exiting your site without clicking to view another page. If a large proportion of your visitors are taking one quick look at your website then promptly exiting, it means you have wasted your investment in getting them to your website, and you have wasted the opportunity inherent in their visit — to convert them into a customer (or member, or loyal reader, or whatever your business goal is).

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