‘Web Usability’
is a ‘measure of the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which a user can achieve his or her goals on a website’.

(Adapted from ISO 9241-11 (1998) Guidance on Usability, issued by the International Organization for Standardization)

How usable is a website? Ask these questions

How efficient is it to use?
  • Does it take less time to accomplish a particular task?
  • Is it free from catastrophic errors?
How easy is it to use?
  • Can you learn to use it by observing?
How satisfying is it to use?
  • What is the quality of your experience as a user?

Related terms:

Usability Engineering means designing a web site to be user centred (rather than technology centred), and involving users in the design process.

Usability Testing means measuring the usability of a web site (or product).

Usability Consultant is someone who assesses the usability of a web site.

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